Company Our Expertise: enabling the Information Systems security automation convergence specialises in digital transformation and the implementation of processes and rationalisation methods, securing and automating the IT systems.

We are working on the securing of Cloud, Hybrid and traditional (Legacy) infrastructures. We automate both the operations and answers through DevOps and SecOps.


/ju/ upsilon is known as Pythagoras’s letter, or the Samian letter because Pythagoras used it as an emblem of the path of virtue of vice,


/kwid/ from the Latin “What” is also used to express a degree of neutrality in philosophy


Information and Technology


Compliance or Cloud



Our team

photo de l'équipe
photo de l'équipe
photo de l'équipe
photo de l'équipe
photo de l'équipe
photo de l'équipe

Our core values


Submitting of existing or tailor-made solutions fitting your needs while having an objective and transverse vision independtly from editors.


Adhering to a sustainable partnership framework with our clients to initiate a trust relationship in order to deliver quality services.

Environmental Responsability

A strong commitment to optimise the use of technical ressources, and so reduce the economic, social and environmental impacts. We keep this in mind while accompanying our clients.


Our teams’commitment, awareness of clients’expectations and managing of the IT risks demand high professionalism. Our high level of quality demand and ability to innovate enable us to meet our clients ' expectations and requirements with an adapted solution.


Each member of staff is commited, aknowledged and respected within the uQui family for what she/he is and what she/he contributes every day. We work together in a collaborative mind within which each and every one can improve their skills in personal, profesionnal and intra-personnal skills.

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Our client kinds

To guarantee the safety and anonymity of our customers, we are involved in every fields of activity such as:


  • Major account
  • Midcap
  • SME
  • Public administration


  • Industry
  • Finance
  • Public
  • Operators
  • NGO

Ours partners

Our offer of services is delivered along such strategic partners.

Partenaire Tufin
Partenaire Hashicorp
Partenaire Fortinet
Partenaire Cisco
Partenaire Paloalto
Partenaire Forcepoint
Partenaire ExtraHop
Partenaire Nsx
Partenaire Vmware
Partenaire Stormshield

A word from the founder

As our environement evolves, our way of thinking must adjust to the present day contexts of companies and their issues.

Personal data protection (GDPR), safeguarding the companies, their environement, the mandatory and governance rules require prioritizing the attribution of ressources. These ar key elements of the emerging paradigm of IT.

We built our approach and offer taking into account each and every one of these elements.

Stéphane Perez
statistiques uQuidIT

Number of useless rules deleted from our clients’environements

statistiques uQuidIT
42 +

Number of clients who have trusted us

statistiques uQuidIT
~ 70%

Number of saved working days thanks to the processes automation