Consulting services Cyber-risk and performance management methodology

We implement a risk management methodology to take you through the different processes aiming at improving the security policy in your SI.

A method based on 4 main principles: analyzing, planing, implementation and control for an optimized risk management within the company.

Our activities


Our auditors contribute to defining the methodologies and processes of the company aiming at establishing the necessary methods of risk management and conformity.

Risk management

Our teams are involved in the implementation of the risk management process and of the conformity.

IT optimisation and strategical orientations team are working to define the strategical entreprise IT infrastructure and plaform evolution.

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  • Developing the PSSI Entreprise, Charters, derivative policy and regulations.
  • Audits and recommendation based on ITILv3, RGPD et ISO 27001, 27005, CISSP regulations.
  • GDPR, externalised DPO
  • Tests implementation.

Risk management

  • Organisation of awareness-raising and training to cyber-risks.
  • Defining the processes complying to the PSSI and SMSI tools.
  • Building the PCA/PRA
  • Designing secured architectures.
  • Configuration management in software and hardware environments in order to comply with Risk management policy, Disaster recovery plan and general regulation applicable to the entreprise.
  • Evaluation of the security posture using tooling, specialised actions and dashboards (KPI, intrusion test, phishing campaigns, audits, etc.)
  • Implementation. if the risk mitigation and remediation

IT optimisation and strategical orientations

  • Definition of functional and strategical plan of the IT infrastructures
  • Understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements applied to the entreprise
  • Research and evaluation methodology of tooling based on the entreprise needs
  • Market study
  • Processus harmonisation and optimisation
  • Evaluation of requirements versus the solution and ensure consistency
  • Evaluation of environmental policies applied to the entreprise IT
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