Solutions The ZeroTrust approach to secure the industrialisation of IT environments and processes

We implement an automation and congruence methodology to position the SI as a business enhancer while complying with the conformity and governance.

Our actitivities

Architecture and safety of the SI

Defining and implementing the technical elements necessary to meet your needs in a Zero-trust and efficiency spirit.


Industrializing the delivery process of your services and job applications through the congruence and automation of DevOps - NetOps - SecOps cloud layers.

Development of software solutions

Having access to various congruence and automation features tailor-made to your need for integrating, optimizing and standardizing your SI tools.

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Case studies

Architecture and safety of the SI

All of the tools aiming at improving the security policy of your SI:

  • Firewall-Network (perimetrical or intra-cloud) proxy, loadbalancer, WIFI;
  • Performance - SD-WAN, Optimization Wan;
  • Cloud - private (OpenStack, VmWare, ProxMox), hybride, public (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc);
  • Security Operation Center : NDR/EDR, SIEM
  • IAM - Identity and Access Management
  • PAM - Privileged Access Management
  • Opensource software- use of an equivalent opensource solution if available.
  • Access and safety of the Endpoint- SASE, XDR, etc...


Coordination of your tools through the orchestration, an automated workflow managed by human actions in order to automate and congregate:

  • the infrastructure (IAAC, IAAS, etc.)
  • the configuration (flows, servers, endpoints, etc)
  • lthe measure ane response (NPM, NDR, XSOAR etc.)
  • risk management (SecOps)

Development of software solutions

Defining the technical architecture with the Source of Records, Source of Truth in order to synchronize the informations and activate, if need be during a modification, the necessary actions.

  • Scripts integration
  • Using APIs
  • Development of functional and reporting portals